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Home Décor

Our market research from a rent-ability standpoint has lead us to the conclusion that the décor process needs to be streamlined. Our innovative approach of standardizing items such as electronic packages, linens, kitchen supplies and bed configuration will help maximize bookings, although allowing homes to remain individual in style, taste and design.

This décor package will allow us to market Windsor Hills as a resort rather than for each individual owner thus maintaining the integrity of the rates and benefiting everyone. All homes having the same decor package on the above mentioned items will allow higher occupancy levels, also providing a much simpler and cost effective way for inventory replacement.

After much deliberation regarding these important issues and our desire to simplify things, Global is pleased to announce that we will be introducing Global Interior Solutions to help owners achieve goals and implement these creative programs.

Because of the volume of homes in Windsor Hills, Global Interior Solutions will offer owners an incredible discount and incentives. In addition they will not only assist you with your décor needs but will also assist you by completely customizing the furniture to suit your personal desires and your rental needs.

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